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Failaka Island in Kuwait is the most visited tourist destination in the country. This island is situated in the northern part of the Persian Gulf and lies 20 kilometers away from the Kuwait city. It is situated at the opposite of to the Failaka Bay that is 50 kilometers away from the southernmost tip of Iraq. The area of the island covers an area of about twenty-four square kilometers and it is regarded as the most important islands of Kuwait. Apart from the small hill of thirty feet in the western part, this triangular island is basically flat. Failaka Island in Kuwait,



In sharp contrast to mainland Kuwait, Failaka still shows many signs of the 1990/91 Iraqi occupation. Houses and buildings are pock-marked by bullets or chunks of buildings have been ripped off by mortar rounds. The damage is indiscernible

Failaka of the ancient past: Greek soldiers arrived on Failaka in the 4th Century, BC, sent by Alexander the Great. Failaka town was then known as the city of Ikaros. The Greeks lived on Failaka for two centuries and the island remained a maritime trade route. The remains of a Greek temple can be found there today. Many artifacts have been found over the years – many put into a museum on the island which was looted by the Iraqi soldiers during the occupation. The Greek ruins, which were once a major tourist attraction, have been walled and closed to the public,

Direct from Marina Crescent to the sandy shores of Failaka Heritage Village's own private beach to enjoy unlimited beach activites including your own pergola, hire of a jet ski for 15 minutes per person, banana boat rides, billiard in the beach games room and much more.




KPTC ferry Ikarus (barge vessel) which runs from Ras -Salmiya behind Showbiz, near scientific center. [Tel: 22328814]. The return journey costs KD 3/adult, cars with driver KD 20 and box cars KD 25


  You can also try Laxury yatch Bint Al Khair which runs from Marina Cresent near Marina Mall


Try  to visit http://www.failakaheritagevillage.com for their packages



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