Farwaniya Hospital yesterday announced its doctors performed a successful perimortem caesarean section on a clinically dead woman with no pulse or respiratory activity, delivering a healthy baby and reviving the mother. Farwaniya Hospital Manager Dr Hmoud Al-Zobi said a 36-year-old Filipina who was nine months pregnant was hospitalized at 3:30 am on Friday in a critical condition with extremely high blood pressure.


He said the woman suffered a cardiac arrest while being examined in the casualty department after she coughed and spit blood.


Her heart then stopped beating and she stopped breathing. “Declaring her clinically dead, she was immediately rushed to be operated on to save the baby, where doctors managed to revive her heart too,” Zobi said, noting that a healthy 3.1-kg boy was born simultaneously with his mother’s resuscitation. “This is a scientific miracle at all levels”, beamed Zobi. “As soon as the woman was checked and declared clinically dead, the maternity division of the hospital was put on alert for a caesarean,” said Dr Mohammad Hassan, who supervised the operation. “The woman and her baby are now in stable condition,” he affirmed.


Source : KUNA


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